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Visual Catpro

Visual Catpro is an integrated business accounting software for small and medium businesses. With over 10,000 installations (over 20 thousand users) in India and abroad. Visual Catpro is one of the leading accounting software in Punjab. It provides businesses the tools necessary to streamline business processes, make transactions manageable, and improve employee efficiency and accuracy.

GST Returns

Fully automatic GST/VAT reports with e-filing.

Balance Sheet

Financial accounting upto Balance Sheet.


Customized billing fully integrated with financial accounts / inventory.

Inventory / Reporting

Full featured inventory system with a lot of sales / purchase / accounting reports


Catax is a full featured Income Tax Return management and filing software. It also supports filing of Tax Audit Report (From 3CA-3CD / 3CA-3CD) and many other forms.

ITR Filing

Quick and easy data entry for all ITRs with e-filing.

Tax Audit Report

Easy and full featured data entry interface for Tax Audit Report.


Compact format of Computation with full details of schedules.

Client Management

Many reports to simplify task of client management.


Catax-TDS is a full featured TDS/TCS return management and filing software.

TDS/TCS Returns

Quick and easy data entry for TDS/TCS returns (24Q/26Q/27Q/27EQ) with e-filing.


Send requests and download / generate Form-16 / Form-16A from department website. Manual printing is also available

Return Management

Many reports to simplify task of returns management.


A lot reports to help you view details of data entered.


VCPay is a comprehensive payroll software for small and medium businesses. Easy to use interface with advanced features. It also generates many returns for PF / ESI department.

PF / ESI Returns

Fully automatic generation of PF/ESI returns with e-filing.

Advances / Loan

Advances and loan management system.

Wages Register / Payslips

Comprehensive printing of Wages Register and Payslips is available.


A lot of employee / salary based reports are available.

About us

Catpro Software Services was founded by S. Dalvinder Singh as a leader of dedicated computer professionals. The company is one of the first firm to develop an accounting tool that demonstrated for the first time the power of visual design based computing in the business and commercial applications. Today we have state of the art accounting software to cater to small and medium size firms, organization and companies. They provide you all accounts, billing, inventory control, sales and purchase analysis ... under one program ... totally integrated and seamless.

We can also design and maintain your websites, E - Commerce sites, your corporate intranets and provide ERP solutions to larger organizations. With the advent of new technology we have kept pace with the ever changing development tools and now we are using state of the art software development tools which are being used by top professionals all over the world. Catpro Software Services is focused on providing software solutions to small and medium size businesses, who are large in numbers and want and need to use the computer and Internet to profitably grow their businesses. We provide you these cutting edge computer technologies. We also provide you turnkey computerisation where we will also design you websites and e-commerce order forms as well as provide you and maintain all your software and hardware.

Since inception, the company has continued to abide by its commitment to customer service and support. At Catpro, we believe that "Quality is never an accident. It is always a result of intelligent efforts." We build quality to achieve excellence.

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